Cut and Run

Since I haven’t been as faithful to my writing as I should be, I turned to the Sunday Whirl for some inspiration.  This poem is a “good luck” wish to one of my family members making a big life change.

Cut and Run

A giggle
bathed in moonshine
she split, a cut and run

in crazy, waking realization
to no longer be
what she’d become

with anything before her
a sense of freedom
load released

she shattered past and expectation
caved to dreams
and headed east

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Christmas Eve – My first flash fiction

With a bit of poetry posted I thought it would be time to share a short story. Let me know what you think and if you have any tips on creating and developing stories.

Christmas Eve

Garage window. Kitchen door. Christmas tree. Fireplace.

Rob knew the plan well and eased through the first steps. Now in the den, he inched towards the illuminated pine.

Christmas tree.

Skimming the presents, his eyes stopped at the velvet box.

Topped with a bow? Why thank you Mr Goldman – you shouldn’t have.

Rob quietly pocketed the loot, confident his Christmas morning would be better than the home owner’s.

In two steps he was at the fireplace, testing the strength of his rope ladder. Only one quick scramble up and out. Everything was going accordingly until –


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Bare Hands

At the end of February my partner and I adopted two beautiful little ratties. These boys have made our house a home and helped restore my sense of family. From the first time I held them, I knew they were meant to be ours. 

Bare Hands

with two bare hands
two heartbeats palmed

weave in and out
between my fingers

skin to hair co-mingle
initiate a life entwined
and tiny souls
weigh on my digits

nails clicking
sound the finality of my decision

our hearts commit
our hands now tied


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Beautiful Sea

Inspired by a recent trip to South Australia.  

Beautiful Sea

Entice me
beautiful sea

lick my toes, pull at my skirt
begin to work me over
while you slowly seep inside

Explore me
beautiful sea

splash up my legs, lap at my thighs
drench me deeply
in wetness we become one

Tease me
beautiful sea

tickle my belly, nip at my breasts
take away my breathe with your delicate touch
each wave softly pushes my body
to move in time with you

Tempt me
beautiful sea

kiss my neck, blow my hair
open my mouth and fill it with your divine salinity
overflow both lungs, pumping passage to satiate my heart

Swallow me
beautiful sea

envelope my body, consume my consciousness
hold me down lest I float away
in keeping me under, I can drown in your pleasure
the ultimate duality of climax


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Birthday Haiku

On the eve of my 25th birthday, I’ve done a short reflection on the important birthdays of my past.

Junk food, cake and friends
We learn Laser tag is hard
when you play Marines

Tequila flowing
My sisters toast this birthday
and our timeless love

A smooth sip of wine
I relax with my lover,
sharing lives, we kiss 

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My Smile

The following is my first attempt at writing lyrics – though I didn’t know it until I got the words on paper and realized it was a song. It feels most like a chorus. I’ll continue to work on it and see if I can flesh out some verses.

My Smile 

Your resistance to my dreams
the source of my persistent smile
the insistence
that we’re going on just fine
but if I listened to my heart
I’d sense you’re tearing us apart

But we’re working for the moment now
and I know nothings ever perfect anyhow


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Homesick 1

Recently, I was doing some after-work chores (nails, groceries, window-shopping for things I shouldn’t splurge on) when I got struck with an unexpected bout of homesickness. I rarely get homesick and this immediate need for my mother was quite surprising.  This is part one of the experience and conveys the realization of homesickness and that my feelings will have to be faced…eventually.

Homesick 1

I lose reconciliation
amongst the simple things

tasks I do alone
(to make me feel adult-like
moving forward in my new life)
make the distance feel infinite

when I think of you
when I wish that you were here
a stabbing sensation starts at my heart
and snakes deep into my stomach
my pulse quickens and lungs tighten
akin to the way it feels to miss a step
and split-second free-fall
hanging mid-air, inches above the ground

but I catch myself
pull back, shift thoughts
trying to continue uninterrupted
knowing sometime soon
I will have to give in

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Having just gone to a beautiful wedding, I’m a little bit embarrassed that the the only inspiration I took home with me is the following poem. I had a great time with friends and was honoured to be present on such a great day.  There was, however, one moment that was not so great…


from broken skin
the scab clings tight
a bloody admission of my fall

within my purse
ripped tights lay hidden
a symbol of my drunken logic

from knee to shin
the burn of healing spreads
a biological penance for my self-inflicted wound

all of this a reminder:
some scars
we earn ourselves

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A short study in Haiku: Rain

To celebrate my third NaPoWriMo entry and to practice writing shorter poems, I present my first (very quick) study in Haiku. After a bit of research I decided to try a few different types of Haiku, the traditional 5-7-5, the new 5-3-5 and the 15-15 fixed form. I enjoyed crafting these and working on something a bit different.

A study in Haiku: Rain


the rain speaks to me
a tale of
love lost in the clouds


rain taps the window
each gentle ping echoes spring’s
cadence of rebirth


grey wetness engulfs the city        summons flowers to awake
with both blanket and tea I hide     waiting for spring’s better side

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The Lie

For today’s poem, the NaPoWriMo‘s prompt was to write a poem that lied. I played with this a bit and instead came around to a poem that told about a lie. A lie that changed the future of my generation. I’ve been thinking about this subject for a long time and enjoyed putting a few of my ideas into poetry. 

The Lie

The biggest lie
ever told to me
I heard every day of my youth

“You can grow up to be whatever you want.
Follow your passion, create your profession.”

So my peers and I pushed forward
we collectively reached for our dreams
it never occurred to us they weren’t a guarantee
we happily ignored the inevitable
under the illusion
that our ambitions were achievable
if we never gave up

This myth led my generation
into vast underemployment
increased job dissatisfaction
and over-qualification for the only available roles

the assurance of our mentors
left us bitter

Now, our dreams are dead upon the floor
alongside exhausted references
and coffee-stained resumes


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